Diwali Status for Whatsapp 2020 – Best Happy Diwali Status Wishes (New)

Diwali status for Whatsapp, Best Happy Diwali status quotes and Hindi Diwali status for Whatsapp and Facebook to copy share on Diwali festival 2020.

The festival of lights and that brings happiness all around, is coming this year on 14 November 2020 and in this post Is all about Diwali status collection for those who want to copy share for this Diwali 2020.

I know many people look for awesome Diwali status for the Diwali festival to just copy and share to their whatsapp status and also on Facebook status for sharing to their friends, family and loved ones.

Thousands of Diwali whatsapp status are around the web but here we will share the best collection ever and that will be new and one of them is ready to be your this year’s Happy Diwali status on Whatsapp, Facebook or any other social media platform.

You will find here all types of Diwali status of all categories so you can quickly look for your desire status for Diwali 2020.

Happy Diwali Status Quotes for Whatsapp

Diwali Quotes Status in English

Diwali Quotes Status in English

Here is the first collection of Diwali whatsapp status and it is Diwali quotes status in English.

If you are looking for Diwali status in English then this collection is for you, you can copy share these Diwali English status on Whatsapp, Facebook.

This collection contains best of Diwali quotes status and you will just love them all.

1) Diwali Good Wishes Status

Make Your Life Joyful
Never Lose Hope
Always Be Happy With Your Family
Make Your Enemy Also a Good Friend
Get a Bless From God and Elder
Happy Diwali

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2) Diwali Diya Lights Status

May The Divine Light Of Diwali Spread Into Your
Life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness And Good Health.
Happy Deepawali

3) Diwali Rhyme Status

Holi Is Colourful,
Sun Is Shineful,
Diwali Is Lightful.
Happy Diwali To All And Their Families

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4) Diwali Quote Status

Lets Brighten Up This Diwali Our Inner Soul And Conscience
And Remove The Darkness Of People Living Miserable Life.
Wishing You All Happy Diwali 2020.

5) Diwali Fun and Laughter Wishes Status

For This Special Time Family And Friends Gets Together For Fun.
Wishing Laughter And Fun To Cheer Your Days,
On This Festive Season Of Diwali And Always…
Happy Diwali

6) Diwali Light and Prayers Status

With The Gleam Of Lights And Echoes Of Prayers
With The Sweetness Of Sweets And Fireworks Glare
Wishing You All Jubilant Diwali 2020 And A Very Successful New Year!

7) Diwali Love Care Status

This Diwali I M Sending You All Cash:
*Happy Diwali*

8) May This Diwali Wishes Status

May The Beauty Of This Diwali Fill Your Home
With Happiness And
May The Coming Year Provide You
With All That Brings You Joy!
Happy Diwali

9) Diwali Prosperity and Happiness Status

On This Auspicious Festival Of Lights,
May The Glow Of Joy,
Prosperity And Happiness Illuminate Your Days In The Year Ahead.
Happy Diwali

10) Best Diwali Wishes Status

“Troubles As Light As Air, Love As Deep As The Ocean,
Relationships & Bonds As Solid As Diamonds, Success As Bright As Gold…
These Are The Wishes For You And Your Family On This Diwali.
Happy Diwali 2020”

11) Diwali Life Status

May The Millions Of Lamps Illuminate Your Life With Endless
Joy, Love, Prosperity, Health, Wealth And Happiness.
Wish You All A Very Happy Diwali 2020
12) Diwali Welcome Status
Gulab Jamuns, Rasgullas, Laddus,
Sparklers, Crackers And Diyas
All Are Back Here To Announce
The Arrival Of Diwali!
Wish You All A Very Happy Diwali 2020!
13) Diwali Lights Status
May Your Life Shine Like Light,
May Your Happiness Be Like Sparkles,
May Your Sorrows Be Bursted,
Let Your Light Shine,
A Very Happy Diwali To All
14) Diwali Firworks and Candles Status
This Diwali 2020,
Let The Firecrackers Burn Your Sorrows,
Candles Light Up Your Life,
Colors Make Your Life Bright
With Flowers Filling In The Fragrance All Day And Night
Happy Diwali 2020!
15) Diwali Prosperity Wishes Status
Good Wishes For A Joyous Diwali With A Plenty Of Peace And Prosperity.
Happy Diwali To All
16) Diwali Happiness Joy Status
May The Gift Of Happiness And Prosperity Fill Your Heart And Home
With Joy On This Diwali And Always. Happy Diwali

Short 2 Lines Diwali Status for Whatsapp

If you want to share Diwali short 2 lines status on Whatsapp then here are some of them:

17) Wishing You and Your Family Happy Diwali Status

Let This Diwali Burn All Your Bad Times And Enter You In Good Times..
Wishing You And Your Family Happy Diwali
18) A Very Happy Diwali Status
A Very Happy And Memorable Diwali 2020 To You All!
19) Happy and Safe Diwali Status

Happy And Safe Diwali To All

20) Be Happy Diwali Status

May This Diwali Brings Lights In Your Life And You Always Be Happy, Happy Diwali

21) Diwali Festival Status Lines

Wishing Lots Laughter And Fun On This Diwali 2020 Festival, Happy Diwali

22) My Diwali Wishes Status

My Best Wishes For All On This Diwali Happy Diwali To All

23) Diwali Special Status

This Status Is Loaded With Lots Of Love, Care & Goods Wishes
For All Of You And Your Families, Happy Diwali To All

24) Happy Diwali 2020 Short Status

May This Diwali Bring You All Happiness And Prosperity and
May Goddess Lakshmi Bless You All. Happy Diwali 2020

Happy Diwali Status for Friends

Diwali Whatsapp Status for Friends

Diwali Whatsapp Status for Friends

Social media is all about Friends and you would definitely want some Diwali status for your friends to wish them all Happy Diwali with a status on Facebook or Whatsapp.

So here are these Diwali Facebook status that can be share on your Facebook timeline to wish Happy Diwali all your friends at once.

Diwali English Quotes Status for Friends

25) Diwali Quote Status for Friends

This Diwali May My All Friends Smile Be Sweeter Then Any Sweet,
Laughter Be Louder Then Any Phataka,
Happiness Be Bright Then Any Diya,
Happy Diwali

26) Diwali Light and Happiness Status for Friends

Diwali Night is Full of Lights,
May All My All Friend’s Life be Filled With Colors and Lights of Happiness.
Very Happy Diwali to all my dear Friends

27) Have A Wonderful Diwali Status

Have a Cracking and Wonderful Diwali,
May This Season Bring Good Luck and Happiness to You.
Happy Diwali to all Friends

28) Diwali Wishes Status for Friends

Wish All My Friends A Very Happy Diwali
Have A Bombastic Diwali With Lost of Masti and Fun.

Diwali Hindi Status for Friends

29) Diwali Hindi Lines Status for Friends

Phool Ki Shuruvat Kali Se Hoti Hai,
Zindagi Ki Shuruvat Pyar Se Hoti Hai,
Pyar Ki Shuruvat Apno Se Hoti Hai Aur
Apno Ki Shuruvat Aapse Hoti Hai.
Happy Diwali to all my Friends

30) Diwali Status on Dost

Dosto Se Har Lamhe Me Diwali Hai,
Dosti Ki Ye Dunia Diwani Hai,
Dosto Ke Bina Zindagi Bekar Hai,
Dosto Se Hi To Zindagi Me Bahar Hai…
Happy Diwali to All My Dear Friends

Goddess Laxmi Diwali Whatsapp Status

Diwali Goddess Ma Laxmi Status

Diwali Goddess Ma Laxmi Status

On Diwali Hindu families worship Goddess Laxmi who is goddess of Dhan (Money). It is said that on Diwali Goddess Laxmi come to house whoever welcomes with Diwali Diyas and Rangoli.

You may also like to send Diwali saying status on Goddess Laxmi and that is why I also listed here some of the Best Goddess Laxmi Diwali 2020 status for Whatsapp.

31) Diwali Goddess Laxmi English Status

May Goddess Laxmi Fulfill Your Entire Expectations
On The Propitious Occasion Of Diwali 2020.
Happy Diwali

32) Diwali Goddess Laxmi Quote Status

Open Your Doors To Goddess Lakshmi
Pray To Ganesha For Wisdom And Prosperity
And Open Your Minds To Good Thoughts
A Very Happy Diwali 2020 To You All!

33) Diwali Maa Laxmi Status in Hindi

इस दिवाली में यही
कामना है कि
सफलता आपके कदम चूमे
और खुशी आपके हमेशा संग रहे।
और माता लक्ष्मी की कृपा आप पर बनी रहे।

34) लक्ष्मीजी दिवाली स्टेटस

कुमकुम भरे कदमों से
लक्ष्मीजी आये आपके द्वार,
सुख संपत्ति
मिले आपको अपार,
दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं
करें स्वीकार
हैप्पी दिवाली!

34) Diwali God Status in Hindi

दिवाली में आपके यहां
धनराशि की बरसात हो,
माँ लक्ष्मी का वास हो,
और संकटों का नाश हो।
आप हर दिल पर राज करें
और आप के घर में
शांति का वास हो।
शुभ दिवाली!

35) Maa Laxmi Diwali Hindi Status

Maa Laxmi Ka Hath Ho,
Saraswati Ka Sath Ho,
Ganeshka Nivas Ho,
Aur Ma Durga Ka Aashirwaad Se Apke Jivan Me Kushiya Ho..
“Very Happy Diwali”

36) Diwali Maa Laxmi Whatsapp Status

Sukh Sampada Aapke Jivan Main Aaye,
Laxmi Ji Aapke Ghar Main Samaye,
Bhool Kar Bhi Aap Ke Jivan Main,
Aage Kabhi Bhi Ek Dukh Na Aaye…
Sabko Diwali Ki Shubhkamnayen

Hindi Diwali Status for Whatsapp

Diwali Hindi Status for Whatsapp

Diwali Hindi Status for Whatsapp

This Diwali status category is all about Diwali Hindi status for whatsapp which contains Diwali Shayari and Diwali Hindi sayings, Hindi Diwali quotes to share on Diwali 2020 festival.

37) शुभ दीपावली Whatsapp Status

दीपावली में दीपों
का दीदार हो,
और खुशियों की
बौछार हो।
शुभ दीपावली!

38) दीपावली की बधाई Status for Diwali

इस दीपावली में आप धूम मचाएं,
और मौज मनाएं,
आप सभी को दीपावली
की बधाई

39) Diwali Status on Shri Ram

जीवन को जीने का रास्ता दिखाने वाले,
संसार को ज्ञान सिखाने वाले,
हनुमानजी के जान से प्यारे,
इस दिवाली पर भगवान श्री राम को शत शत वंदन..

40) दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं Status for Whatsapp

आपको आशीर्वाद मिले गणेश जी से
विद्या मिले सरस्वती जी से
दौलत मिले लक्ष्मी जी से
प्यार मिले सब से
दिवाली के अवसर पर
यही दुआ है दिल से
सबको दिवाली की ढेरों शुभकामनाएं!

41) सुख समृद्धि Diwali Status

झिलमिलाते दीपों की
रोशनी से प्रकाशित
ये दीपावली आपके
घर में
सुख समृद्धि ले कर आए
शुभ दीपावली

42) दीपक Diwali Status

दीपक का प्रकाश हर
पल आपके जीवन में
नई रोशनी लाए,
बस यही शुभकामना
है आपके लिए इस
दीपावली में।
शुभ दीपावली!

43) श्री राम Diwali Status in Hindi

श्री राम जी आपके संसार में
सुख की बरसात करें,
और दुखों का नाश करें
प्रेम की फुलझड़ी से
आपका घर आंगन रौशन हो
आपको दीपावली की
हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं!

44) दीपावली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं Hindi Status for Diwali

दीपावली है पर्व दीपों का,
खुशियों और आनंद का,
उजाला और उल्लास का
दीपावली की हार्दिक

Diwali Shayari Status for Whatsapp

Diwali Shayari is everyone’s favorite and I shared here best Diwali Shayari collection for your Whatsapp status.

45) Best Diwali Shayari Status for Whatsapp

हर खुशी,
खुशी मांगे आपसे,
हर जि़ंदगी,
जि़ंदगी मांगे आपसे,
इतना उजाला हो
आपके जीवन में,
कि दिया भी रोशनी मांगे आपसे
दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं!

46) Deepon Ki Roshni Diwali Hindi Status

ये रोशनी का पर्व है दीप तुम जलाना,
जो हर दिल को अच्छा लगे ऐसा गीत तुम गाना,
दुःख दर्द सारे भूलकर सबको गले लगाना,
ईद हो या दिवाली बस खुशियों से मनाना,
दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं!

47) Diwali Mubarak Hindi Status

पूजा की थाली,
रसोई में पकवान,
आंगन में दीया,
खुशियां हो तमाम,
हाथों में फुलझडि़यां,
रोशन हो जहां,
मुबारक हो आपको दिवाली मेरे यार!

Happy Diwali Hindi Status in English Letters

Happy Diwali Hindi Status in English Letters

Happy Diwali Hindi Status in English Letters

If you want copy share Diwali status in Hinglish, means the Diwali status will be in Hindi language but its written in the form of English letters.

48) Happy Diwali Status in English Letters

Diwali Aai, Masti Chahi, Sang Apne Khushiyan Layi, Rangi Rangoli, Deep Jalaye, Dhoom Dhadaka, Chora Phataka, Jali Phuljadiyan, Sabko Bhaye, “Happy Diwali”

49) Diwali Hindi Quote Status

Asha, Utsah Aur Ullas Ki Abha Se Damakti
Amavas Ko Poonam Me Badalti,
Deepon Ki Muskurahat Aur Athkheliyon Ka
Yah Parv Apke Aur Apke Apno Ke,
Jeevan Me Hamesha Jagmagata Rahe,
Happy Diwali

50) Diwali Short Hindi Status

This Diwali Brings All Of You Dhan, Sukh,shanti And Samriddhi Aur Lakho Khushiyan, Subh Diwali

51) Happy Diwali to All Status for Whatsapp

Aai Aai Diwali Aai,
Saath Me Kitni Khushiya Laayi,
Dhoom Machao,
Mauz Manao,
Aap Sabhi Ko Diwali Ki Dhero Badhai.
Happy Diwali to All

52) Diwali Advance Wishes Status

Chanda Ki Chandani Ke Sath,
Taro Ki Jhilmilahat Ho,
Aane Wali Diwali Ke Deepon Ke Sath,
Aap Ke Chehare Per Khusi Ki Muskurahat Ho.
Happy Diwali

53) Diwali Shayari Status

Muskuarte Hanste Deep Tum Jalana,
Jeevan Main Nyi Khushiyon Ko Lana,
Dukh Dard Apne Bhool Kar,
Sabko Pyaar Se Gale Lagana
Aap Sabko Is Diwali Ki Shubhkamnaye…

54) Apke Aur Apke Privar Ko Deepawali Ki Hardik Subhkamnayen

Apke Aur Apke Privar Ko Deepawali Ki Hardik
Subhkamnayen Yeh Diwali Apke Privar Me
Dher Sari Khushian Laye

55) Diwali Dua Hindi Status

Diyo Ki Roshani Se Andhera Dur Ho Jaye
Dua Hai Diwal Ke Ish Mauke Par Aap Jo Chahe
Vo Manjur Ho Jaye..
Diwali Ki Hardik Subhkamnaye…

56) Happy Diwali Shayari

Mann Se Mangi Hui Mann Ki Murado Ke Liye,
Dil Se Mangi Hui Dil Ke Khwabo Ke Liye..
Is Diwali Bhej Raha Hun Dher Sari Khusiyan In Roshni Ke Rup Me,
Andhero Ko Apke Jiwan Se Dur Karne Ke Liye..
Happy Diwali

57) Diwali Mubarak Status

Deepawali Me Deepon Ka Didar
Khusiyo Ke Sath, Mubarak Hazaar…
“Happy Diwali to all of you”

58) Diwali Patakhe, Roshni Status

Kushiyon Ka Tyohar Hai
Patakhe Ki Bauchar Hai…
Aaj Roshani See Bhara Sansar Hai..
Aaj Diwali Ka Tohar Hai..
Happy Diwali 2020

59) Diwali Firworks Crackers Status

Rocket Ki Tarah Aap Sab Safalta Ki Uchaaiyan Chhuo,
Chakri Ki Tarah Sara Sansaar Ghumo
Phooljhadi Ki Tarah Khilte Raho
Deepavali Ki Shubhkaamna Ho, Shubhkaamna Ho!!

Funny Diwali Status for Whatsapp

Happy Diwali Funny Status for Whatsapp

Happy Diwali Funny Status for Whatsapp

Some of the best funny Diwali status for whatsapp collection to copy share on your whatsapp status on Diwali 2020.

60) Happy Diwali Funny Status

Three People Were Asking For Your Mobile No. I Didn’t Give Your No.
But I Gave Them Your Home Address. They Are Coming This Diwali.
They Are : Sukh,shanti And Samriddhi.
Please Welcome Them As We Have Requested Them To Stay With You Forever.
Happy Diwali!

61) Happy Diwali Funny Wishes Status

This Is To Formally Announce That I Have Started Accepting Diwali Gifts By Cash, Cheques & Credit Card Etc. Avoid Last Day Rush. Send Now !

62) Boom Diwali Funny Message Status

This Sms Will Explode In 5 Seconds!
Happy Diawali

63) Diwali Funny Status in Hindi

Saal Bhar Padosiyo Ko Bhale Hi Muh Na Dikhaye
Par Diwali Ke Din Mithayiya Khane Jaroor Jaaye

64) Diwali Funny Crackers Patakhe Status

Your Eyes Patakha, Your Lips Rocket,
Your Ears Chakari, Your Nose Fuljari,
Your Style Anaar, Your Personality Bomb,
Sms Karo Varna I’m Coming With Agarbatti!!

65) Diwali New Funny Whatsapp Status

Diwali Aa Rahi Hai,
Mein Apna Mann Sirf
Bhawana Main Hi Lagana Chahta Hu,
Apke Pados Me Koi Rehti Ho To Batao

So I hope you loved this Diwali status for whatsapp collection which is in all categories and you must have also copied best status for your Diwali whatsapp status 2020.

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