2020 Best Happy New Year Whatsapp Status Videos Download for New Year Video Status and New Year Wishes Video, this is the best, huge and special 50+ Happy New Year videos download collection in which you will get amazing videos to watch and download for free.

I have divided this huge videos collection in some categories so if you want to download specific video for your purpose then you can jump on to the different headings which refers to specific New Year videos collection.

2020 Happy New Year WhatsApp Status Videos Download

Happy New Year 2019 Videos Download For Whatsapp Status

Download New Year whatsapp status videos for free, you can download any video by clicking on the Download Button below each video.

In this first Happy New Year videos download collection, I am sharing best New Year status videos for whatsapp which you can download for free to use on New Year 2020 for your whatsapp video status.

1) Countdown Happy New Year status video download

This is a countdown New Year video which everyone would like to download and make their video status on 31st night.

So if you are planning to update your video status before some minutes of New Year beginning, then you can download this countdown New Year status video for free.

This video has countdown of 10 seconds and after that you will see a special New Year animation with 2020 Happy New Year greeting.

Download Video

2) Hello 2020 Happy New Year best animated whatsapp status video download

Another Animated countdown New Year video for you video status, this video has special Hello 2020 message vector in animated form.

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3) 2020 Happy New Year video download for WhatsApp

Best length of any video status should be under 30 seconds and all new year videos are under 30 seconds which you can call as short new year video.

You will need a short new year video status for whatsapp because whatsapp not accept a video over 30 seconds length.

Download Video

4) Special Happy New Year video download for free

So special New Year video and awesome background video for New Year celebration night.

A golden Happy New Year text and Hello 2020 text making this video so special and amazing.

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5) Happy New Year 2020 Fireworks whatsapp status video download

On 31st night after 12 o’clock everyone celebrates the New Year with fireworks and crackers and this New Year video also having Fireworks animation and effects which is best for New Year 31st video status on 12 o’clock time to update on whatsapp status.

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6) Happy New Year 2020 short fireworks video with sound effect

This video also having the fireworks effects and having fireworks sound as background music with Happy New Year 2020 text.

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7) Happy New Year whatsapp status video download 2020

Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow. Happy New Yea to all.

Beautiful and special New Year status video which has nice background music, beautiful background and a New Year quote with New Year wish.

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8) Free download awesome New Year whatsapp video status

I wish your New Year will be rocking and that’s what this video also says.

The video has cool New Year wish with rocking background music and animated text that saying ‘Have a rocking Happy New Year’.

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9) New Year video status for friends

This video has new year wishing text for friends as ‘Happy New Year friend’ and if you want a new year video for your whatsapp status that wishes your all friends then this video is for you.

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10) 30 seconds happy New Year whatsapp status video download

Another New Year 30 seconds video for your video status.

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11) Happy New Year animated text status video

Cute New Year video with animated Happy New Year text, girls can use this video as their New Year status video on New Year 2020.

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12) Happy New Year to all wishing whatsapp status video

Mostly when we want to share our wish with all our friends we share ‘Happy New Year to all’ text message on status but this time you can make it more special to share this video instead of text.

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13) Happy New Year song music video download for whatsapp status

This video has nice background picture of New Year 2020 celebration and has animated text of ‘Wish you all Happy New Year‘.

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Hindi New Year Whatsapp Status Videos Download

New Year Hindi Whatsapp Status Videos Download

This collection is for Hindi New Year videos, so if you want to download New Year status and wishes videos in Hindi language then here some awesome videos for you.

14) Special New Year Hindi Video Download

Special Hindi New Year wishing video with New Year Shayari and Hindi message and you can download this for free and can send to your loved ones on whatsapp and facebook message.

Download Video

15) नव वर्ष की शुभकामनाएं विडियो – New Year Hindi whatsapp status video download

This video having New Year Hindi wish text ‘नव वर्ष की शुभकामनाएं‘ and in the video you will also see beautiful animation and music which making this video best for your New Year video status in Hindi.

Download Video

16) नए साल की शुभकामनाएं विडियो – New Year Hindi Fireworks video download for whatsapp

This video having another Hindi wish message of ‘नए साल की शुभकामनाएं‘ and you can use this video for you video status to wish everyone with Hindi New Year video message.

Download Video

17) New Year Hindi Wishes Video Download

Another New Year Hindi video and you can use this video as wishing video on New Year 2020 to send as a video message in Hindi on whatsapp message chat box or Facebook message inbox.

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Happy New Year Wishes Video Download

Happy New Year Wishes Videos Download

This is the second happy New Year videos download collection which is New Year wishes videos for whatsApp.

On every New Year we wish our friends, family, relatives, loved one ‘Happy New Year’ by sending New Year wishes texts, images on whatsapp.

But this time make it more special by sending these Happy New Year 2020 wishes videos on whatsapp.

These videos has special and awesome video effects, animations, musics and much more, which making all New Year videos very special.

Download any New Year wishing video and send on this New Year 2020.

18) Happy New Year wishing video for whatsapp

It is so nice to send New Year wishes to your friends, family and loved one because this shows care, love and importance.

All people make sure to wish all their known and connected people on New Year.

And that is why i created this special wishing video for you.

Download for free and spread the video for spread the new year wishes.

Download Video

19) Happy New Year greeting video download 2020

This video has common and yet effective wishing message and that is – “Wishing you and your family Happy New Year “.

Form this video you can wish your friend Happy New Year and also his/her family.

Download Video

20) Happy New Year video for a special friend

Do you have a special friend whose you care a lot and that friend have some important place in your life?

If you have then this video is created for you.

You can download and share this video to your special friend for sending special New Year wishes.

Download Video

21) Special New Year quote wishing video download

This wishing video has best New Year quote for wishing on New Year 2020.

The video also has New Year celebration and joyful background with calm music.

Download Video

22) Happy New Year special message video download

Do not just copy any text and paste in your friend’s inbox instead download this video message on New Year and share your friend, best friend or special person.

Download Video

23) May all your dreams come true New Year video

Lovely New Year wishes in a Video text animation.

So if you are looking for animated New Year video with new year wishes then you can free download this video.

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24) Best Happy New Year wishes video download

This is just awesome and best Happy New Year wishes video because the background and music of the new is adorable and animated wishes text as well.

Download Video

25) Happy New Year video for girls

Specially created New Year video for girls and girls can send this video to each other New Year 2020.

Download Video

26) Wish you and your family happy New Year video

New Year video for friends and family.

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27) Have a prosperous New Year wishing video

Prosperous New Year wishing video for New Year 2020.

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28) Lovely New Year wishes video

This lovely New Year video has lovely new year quote.

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29) New Year wishes 2020 in Mp4 video

Download Video

30) New Year 2020 Mp4 video for whatsapp

Wish you a lucky Happy New Year video with amazing Mp4 New Year video with animation, background song and image.

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31) Happy New Year advance video download 2020

If you want to wish your friends, family Happy New Year in advance then you can use this video. This video contains advance New Year wishes which can be send before New Year’s 1st day (1st January).

Download Video

32) Funny New Year video download for whatsapp

Funny New Year saying video and funny way to wish Happy New Year to your friend.

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33) Wish you Happy New Year video download

A video with ‘wish you Happy New Year‘ wishing message and New Year firecracker background image.

Download Video

34) Best New Year short video for loved ones

Adorable New Year wishes in a video to send on New Year’s 1st day (1st January, 2020).

Download Video

35) New Year video for close friend – happy New Year dear friend

You may want to wish Happy New Year to your close or best friend in a unique and special way and from this video you can do this.

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Happy New Year Full Screen Status Videos Download

The time is changing and everyone also uploading their video status on Full screen status videos on Instagram and Facebook.

So if you also looking for New Year full screen videos for your New Year full screen status video on New Year 2020 then here are two special videos for you to free to download and use.

36) Happy New Year Full Screen Countdown Status Video Download

This full screen New Year video has countdown and special animations and music which can be perfect for you full screen video.

Download Video

37) Happy New Year 2020 Full Screen Status Video Download

Another special New Year full screen status video which is short and best for New Year 2020.

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Happy New Year Love Videos Download

Happy New Year Love Videos Download

In this Happy New Year videos download collection, I am sharing New Year love videos for lovers and couples.

If you are searching for special New Year videos for your lover Boyfriend/Girlfriend then here I also created New Year love videos for New Year 2020.

You will get to watch and download  Happy New Year wishes for love with special New Year love wishes in it.

Also best New Year love quotes videos which will express your feelings for you love on the New Year 2020.

In these videos you will also see some videos with I love you video messages on New Year to your girlfriend, boyfriend or husband. wife.

38) Love Happy New Year video download 2020

Download Video

39) Romantic happy New Year video for girlfriend

Download Video

40) Special New Year love video download

Download Video

41) Cute happy New Year wish video for lovers

Download Video

42) Happy New Year I love you wish video download

Download Video

43) Love you happy New Year video download

Download Video

44) Happy New Year my love video download for New Year 2020

Download Video

45) Happy New Year love video for boyfriend

Download Video

46) My love for you will never end cute New Year love lines video

Download Video

47) Sweet romantic New Year video for loved one

Download Video

48) New Year love quote video download

Download Video

49) Happy New Year love video for girlfriend

Download Video

50) Romantic happy New Year love status video

Download Video

51) Happy New Year short video for boyfriend/girlfriend

Download Video

I hope you liked this Happy New Year whatsapp status videos download collection and you have downloaded and saved your favorite videos for this New Year 2020.

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