We all use Whatsapp, It makes the chatting (texting) more interesting with its emoji sending feature while texting and in this post I am going to share these all Whatsapp Emojis Download collection in PNG format.

Yes, you will be able to Download All Whatsapp Emojis in just one click.

If you are searching for the Whatsapp Emojis In PNG format then you are on the right place.

Because in this post you will get the single zip file for all Whatsapp emojis in which you will get every single Whatsapp emoji in PNG format.

You may need these emojis for different purposes:

  • Big Whatsapp Emojis
  • Sending Whatsapp Emojis PNG file
  • Whatsapp Emojis For image editing
  • Whatsapp Emojis for video editing
  • Sending Single Whatsapp Emoji

There can be many reasons that you will need these Emojis in PNG format.

As we all know how beautiful and awesome is Whatsapp emojis from which we can express our emotions.

Whatsapp Emojis Download

Whatsapp Emojis Download

Whatsapp Emojis Download

So here I am sharing with you a zip file of all the whatsapp emojis in which you will get every whatsapp emoji category all png emojis. Just click on the ‘Download Whatsapp Emojis’ button below.

You will be redirect to the download progress page, wait for the 5 seconds and then click on GET LINK and then you will be redirect to the Google Drive page from where you will easily download the file in one click.

Download Whatsapp Emojis

After downloading the Zip file, extract it to get all the Whatsapp PNG Emojis.

If you are downloading the file in the Mobile then install unzip app from the Playstore to unzip the file.

After unzip, you will get the list of all Whatsapp Emojis Category in which you will find all emojis of Whatsapp.

All Whatsapp Emojis Cateogires are like this:

Nature Whatsapp Emojis –

All nature related whatsapp emojis, like:

  • Animal whatsapp emojis
  • Flower whatsapp emojis
  • Christmas whatsapp emojis
  • Sun whatsapp emoji
  • Moon whatsapp emoji
  • Star whatsapp emoji

Object Whatsapp Emojis –

All objects related whatsapp emojis, like:

  • Music whatsapp emojis
  • Books whatsapp emojis
  • Food whatsapp emojis
  • Fruit whatsapp emojis
  • Sports whatsapp emojis
  • Message whatsapp emojis
  • Bell whatsapp emojis
  • Camer whatsapp emojis
  • Video whatsapp emojis

Travel, Flags, Places Whatsapp Emojis –

All travles, flags, places related emojis, like:

  • Care whatsapp emojis
  • Building whatsapp emojis
  • Country Flag whatsapp emojis

Smiley Whatsapp Emojis –

All whatsapp smiley emojis collection in PNG format.

  • Smiling face whatsapp emoji
  • Smiling eyes whatsapp emoji
  • Relief whatsapp smiley emoji
  • Love whatsapp emoji
  • Heart whatsapp emoji
  • Joy whatsapp smiley
  • Kiss whatsapp emoji
  • Winking whatsapp emoji
  • Blush Smiley Emoji
  • Animals faces emoji
  • Fire whatsapp emoji
  • Heart eyes whatsapp emoji
  • Sad smiley whatsapp emoji
  • Angry smiley whatsapp emoji
  • People whatsapp emoji
  • Hand sign whatsapp emoji

So all these awesome and cool Whatsapp emojis you will get in the Whatsapp emojis download file, Enjoy!